How much does a retractable screen door cost?

For a standard height single retractable screen door, our installed price is $450. The installed price on a set of standard height retractable screen doors for French doors is $800. There is a $40 up charge to get (pet resistant) super screen or solar screen and for taller doors, but there are no “special” installation up charge surprises.
Yes, this price is higher than our competitors, but you have to consider you are not comparing equal products. The Clearview retractable screen doors come standard with a back plate (necessary for sliding door installations), hidden magnets inside the pull bar on French door applications, and most importantly, the built-in mechanical speed reducer. If you’ve ever experienced the “slam” when you accidently let go of the handle when operating a retractable screen door, you know what the “slam” is. It’s nice to know that if you, your guests or your kids let go of the handle, the screen will retract at a reasonable pace.


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